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Our extensive Raw Material list goes from Linings, Adhesives, Eyelets, Thread, PVC, TPR, Reinforcement Tapes, EVA Sheets, Rubber Sheets, Footbeds, Heel Cups, Binding Material, Braids, French Cord, Hook and Loop, Leather Laces, Synthetic/Cotton Laces, Unit Soles, Thermo and Rod Cements, to Counter and Box Toe Material, Twills, 1000D Nylon Military Type Material, Webbings, Shanks, Metal and Plastic Hardwear.

Hand Sewn Tools, Music Wire, Bees Wax, Hand Tacks, Heel Nails,Shanks and Rivets, Perforating Tubes for Die Out and Clicker Dies, Plastic Bags, Zipper Bags .