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In GUDISA, we’ll supply you with all Raw Materials, Machinery, Lasts, Patterns, Dies, Markers and Molds necessary for the manufacturing of any type of Shoes from Cement Lasted to Welt Construction or a Hand Sewn upper Little Way to ORL and a comfortable Slipper. We can provide anything for the Cutting Room from Leather, Synthetics to Machinery, Pre-Fitting machines, Splitting, Skiving, Cementing, Folding, Sewing, Eyeleting, Roughing, Back Part Molding, Sole Pressing Machines or any type of equipment for the Shoe Industry.

- Raw Material
- Patterns, Dies, Markers, Lasts, Molds
- Machinery, Machine Parts, Wearable
- Services: Consulting, Warehousing
- Material Procurement for PD Department